Nintendo Switch Online - My thoughts

Nintendo released their huge online service that was delayed for almost a year and a half and well.. It’s not what people expected

Nintendo livestreamed a Nintendo Direct on the 13th of September and one of the things they talked about was their brand new Nintendo Direct service that was going to add all these new cool features with the 6.0.0 Switch Update.

This was what we got

Fucking. This..

We got the ability to play P2P games, NES games (not like we had them already), Cloud saves that erase almost immediately if you don’t keep up your subscription, a voice chat through the horrible Nintendo Online app, and Special Offers (Oohh, the mystery)

Ok, now I see a lot of people bashing it for completely the wrong reason. Everyone hates that we have to pay to play online. If you ask me, it’s amazing we had it for free for this long considering Xbox and PlayStaion make you pay. The price point is nicer then the other two thought but for a max of $20, your not getting a whole lot. You get access to play (mainly) P2P games (basically, what we already had before) and cloud saves which 1) Isn’t in all games and 2) Not available if your subscription runs out, which I think is bullshit considering PlayStaion lets you keep them for 6 months and Xbox always has cloud saves indefinetly so I don’t know why Nintendo are being cheap about it.

Anyway, I’ll eventaully give in and pay it to play really laggy and shitty Smash matches online but I am ultimatly dissapointed in Nintendo and a lot of others are also