Nintendo @ E3

So Nintendo had their E3 press conference and this is what my thoughts are on it.

First things first, why was the Direct ony 40 mins? Microsoft, Bethesda, Sony all had their presentations well over an hour. And to top all that, most of it was spent on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because they had to go and list off EVERY character and “some” changes they had from the previous games.

Ok, so let’s go more in-depth on this. The big announcements at the Direct was this robot game called Daemon X Machima (I actually forgot about it until I rewatched it after), Xenoblade Chroncles 2 DLC called Torna ~ The Golden Country, Super Mario Party, a new Fire Emblem game called Triple Doors, some game called Fortnite (idk either), and then some indie games including Hollow Knight and other big game releases that didn’t get enough time.

And after all that, we get over 30 mins of just Super Smash Bros., I personally can’t wait for Super Smash Bros. but I did hear people conplain that they didn’t like Super Smash Bros. so it must have been even more dissapointing for them.

Other presentations like Microsoft and Bethesda were amazing at their presentations so it’s such a shame to see Nintendo flop like this.

I will be bringing out a full review on this years E3 in a few days so look foward to that, until then though…