My thoughts on Evo 2018

Evo 2018. A highly prestigious fighting game tournament held every year. Hundreds of thousands gather on Twitch to watch.

There are big games being played here to such a high standard. Games such as Dragonball FighterZ, Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros. are being played here.

I’m going to talk about the event as a whole but focus mainly on Smash.

So the first thing’s first. There was 2 Smash games that was being played. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U aka Smash 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee. We will talk about the big incident that happened with Smash 4 first.

Saturday 4th August 2018. The tournament is in full swing and we have our final 8 that whittle down to 2 players, CaptainZack and Lima. These 2 players have known each other and are good friends. They can be seen talking to each other and laughing during the breaks between matches which usually does not happen in a grand final. Time passes and the score is now 2-2. CaptainZack falls while trying to hit Lima in Witch Time and the platform means he misses and dies. Lima then decides to jump off the stage too so they start on 1 stock each. This is known as a “homie stock”. I’ve seen many people complain about this but in my opinion I think it was a show of class and sportsmanship. CaptainZack then reset the bracket so they had to play again.

And this is where the big talking point comes. As the match starts, the two players start holstering guns at each other and effectively stalling the match (Oh, and someone jumps on stage to interview Lima in the middle of the match). Keeping in mind that this is the Grand Finals, not some throw together tournament and they are effectively ruining the image of Super Smash Bros. and Evo. After about 2 mins, some referee comes and tells them that they have to play.

The whole reason why they did this was because people started booing them for using Bayonetta who is very broken and it’s fairly hard to stop her with most characters. I don’t blame the organizers however as they’ve always allowed her.

My thoughts? I think the crowd was immature for acting the way they did and I think the players were immature for lashing back in the way they did. Considering that this is more then likely the last year Smash 4 will be at Evo because of Ultimate coming in December, it’s very sad to see that this is how it ended.

In other parts of Evo, Leffen won the Melee tournament with no drama. We got announced a new Smash Direct which aired today. Some character from The Walking Dead is coming into Tekken with much dismay from the Tekken Community and the event in a whole was a great success.

Anyway, sorry if this has been a long read but I wanted to explain the story first so I could gather a whole opinion. ~Also that review on E3 never came, huh?~