The Switch hacking community

Alright, where do I start? I guess I’ll start by explaining why I wanted to write this in the first place. I saw Hedgeberg on Twitter Tweeing about how she is “..sick of this fucking community..”. To be completly frank, I can’t blame her one bit.

When I first started getting into the 3DS hacking scene, I was 100% oblivoius to all the utter fucking drama that these communities caused (I remember dazzazo’s pedo allegations and Plailect’s backlash against the community) and had I known about the drama, maybe I would have never hacked my 3DS and never used Reddit/Discord/whatever the hell else.

Skip ahead to the humble beginnings of the Nintendo Switch hacking scene. ReSwitched was one person, SwitchHacks wasn’t public and SwitchHaxing had less the 1,000 subscribers (Rougly when I became a mod on there). Things were looking pretty calm, everyone was nice. Then came more hacks. SciresM got into the scene (along with many others from the 3DS scene) and now we have the same hateful shit the 3DS scene had. ReSwitched as a hacking group are great but their Discord moderation can seem really harsh at times. Hell, even /hbg/ called them out for this. More hacking groups are now popping up with the pure intent of shitting on others (doxxing people like Hedgeberg and Daeken/schala. And now the entire community is just a shit-filled mess of haterd and pure retardnation.

My take on the matter? I hate it. I really hate it. I hate all the lies, decieving, doxxing, bitching, complaining, moaning, demanding stuff like 4-year-olds. GROW THE ACTUAL FUCK UP!

I loved it when stuff was small because I got to see a side that could have been. If everyone was just nice to one another and not fucking shitting all over others, then people like Hedgeberg wouldn’t have left.

I know that this blog won’t make a difference but I really needed to get this off my chest so if you actually found this and read it, I really thank you for it. :)